The Benefits of Getting a New Roof

The roof is the most important component of your home. If it is leaking or otherwise failing, it could put the entire house in danger of suffering damage or becoming unlivable for yourself and your family. What are some other good reasons to replace it as soon as possible?

Your Home Will Be Easier to Sell

If you decide to put your home on the market shortly after you replace the roof, it will be increasingly attractive to buyers. They will be happy to know that a major piece of their new home won’t have to be replaced or need significant repairs in the next 20 years or so if properly maintained.

Knowing that the roof is new may also be an indication to buyers that any attic that may exist is also in good condition as newer roofs generally don’t leak or suffer from mold or pest infestations. To further put buyer’s minds at ease, have the roof installation done by a professional Los Angeles roofer so that they know it was done correctly.

Increase the Curb Appeal of the Home

A home with an updated roof tends to look better than one that has shingles missing or broken. Even if you aren’t planning on selling the property anytime soon, you will feel good knowing that your home is one of the best looking on the block. You will also feel good knowing that the home is protected against the elements for years to come, which will make the inside more comfortable as well.

The Value of Your Home May Increase

When it is time to replace the roof, it may represent a major expense for a new buyer. Unlike replacing wood floors or coating the driveway, a roof is not something that can be left unattended until there is money to take care of the problem. Therefore, a buyer may offer less to purchase the home to compensate for the thousands of dollars a new roof will cost.

Remember, a leaking or worn down roof may also lead to mold, water damage and pest damage in a home, which could further reduce its value. However, new roofs may be energy efficient depending on the type of materials used. In addition to saving the next owner money, energy efficiency is in style with younger buyers. That could lead to a higher offer if your home is listed for sale.

Replacing the roof may seem like an expensive repair that you aren’t overly excited about making. The good news is that it can help to lower energy costs, could add curb appeal and increase the value of your house, which may help you recoup some or all of that cost in the future.

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